2013 Food for the Hungry

  Welcome to the Knox County Career Center On-line Auction to Benefit Food for the Hungry!

Thank you for visiting our online auction!  The services and items to be auctioned off are listed below along with the quantity available and their estimated value.  For complete descriptions of each item, please visit the links above for each Career Center Lab at the top of this page.  The most current bids are listed in the far right column which are updated daily.

On December 13 at 5:00 pm the on-line auction will come to a close.  The highest bid winners will then be announced on December 14 at the culmination of the Food for the Hungry Drive.  

Thank you for supporting the Food For The Hungry drive in Knox County!      

**** The Auction is Over for Another Year!  Thank You for Your Support!!!!!! ****


KCCC Online Auction
KCCC Lab On-line Auction - Closes on December 13 Value per Package Current Highest Bid
Adult Ed 1-Chair Massage $20 $20
Adult Ed 1-Full Body Massage $30 $26
Adult Ed 1-Manacure or Pedicure $25  $20 
Auto Technology 1-Auto Wheel Allignment, Balance and Oil Change $150 $85
Building Trades 1-Ohio Shaped Paver $6

Business & Finance Personal Pictoral Banner (2ft x 6ft) and Poster (2ft x 3ft) $50  $25
Chef & Catering Certificate for 2 Pies $15 $25
Chef & Catering 1-Cheesecake $20  $20
Chef & Catering Certificate for 2 Lunches $20 $25
CNC Manufacturing 1-Camp Pie Maker $50  $20
Collision Repair 1-Auto Detail Package $50 $70
Collision Repair & Metal Fabrication 2ft X 2ft Steel Sign With Cut-out Letters - 2 Colors $150  $25
Computer Networking Technology Personal Computer Spyware Removal, Drive De-fragment and Software Update and Virus Protection $75  $25
Cosmetology 1-$25 11th Grade Cosmetology Gift Certificate $25  $10
Cosmetology 1-$25 12th Grade Cosmetology Gift Certificate $25  $20
Digital Media & Software Development 1 Package - Digitize 100 photos and create a slide show with music $50 $30
Digital Media & Software Development 1 Package - Digitally Photograph and video a Birthday Party (Local) $250 $15
Digital Media & Software Development 1 Package - Transfer Home Video to DVD (2 hours worth) $50 $45
Horticulture 1 Package - $50 Greenhouse Gift Certificate $50 $37
Metal Fabrication Welding Services (Excludes Auto, Truck and Rusted Frames) $50  $5
Residential Construction and Remodeling Corn Hole Game With Bags $130 $55

Please fill in the information below to make your bid. Thank you for supporting Food for the Hungry!

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